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SUSERMI FYF S.A. was founded in 1989 in San Jose, Costa Rica, dedicated to purchase hydrocarbons and their derivatives (Mazut JP54- D2- D6- JET-A1). We trade these products between companies in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

As a corporation established in Central America, we endeavor to become a leading supplier and trader of hard commodities from this region to major companies.

Mercantile registration number: 3-101-103-444, San Jose, Costa Rica.

Subsidiary in Panama City - trade register number (RUC) 1841806-1-712155 DV03.

International Brokering & Trading

We connect organizations and interact in the best way to optimize the business and build a long-term venture.

Representation Services

We offer representation services taking advantage of our local presence to defend the interests of customers abroad.

Market Analysis

We create a variety of business intelligence solutions designed to solve your toughest challenges.

Our Products

Jet A1, TS1, D6, D2 and Mazut


It is a liquid hydrocarbon fuel, obtained from the distillation of crude oil with subsequent treatment in a desulfurizing unit, whose boiling range is 150 to 260 degrees C, mainly composed of hydrocarbon molecules containing 10 to 14 carbon atoms. It is a fuel destined to the aircraft propelled by turbo-reactors and / or turbo-propellers engines.

Since this fuel is used in extreme conditions, it is analyzed and certified following the strictest procedures and different stages even more than any other fuel.


D6 is also being known as Residual Fuel Oil and is of high-viscosity. This particular fuel oil requires preheating to 220 – 260 Degrees Fahrenheit. D6 is mostly used for generators.

Russian D6 is a type of residual fuel, mainly used in power plants and larger ships. The fuel requires to be preheated before it can be used. It is not possible to use it in smaller engines or vessels/vehicles where it is not possible to pre-heat it. D6 is its name in the USA. In other parts of the world it has other names.


TS1 is a Kerosene-type aviation fuel supplied against the GOST 10227 specification with slightly higher volatility compared to Jet A1. TS1 has a low viscosity of -60◦C, flash point of 28◦C minimum and lower freezing point of < -50◦C.

The TS-1 jet fuel grade is intended for use in subsonic aircraft. Its physical, chemical, and performance specifications meet the requirements of Russia’s latest industry standard edition (GOST 10227).

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